Reopening Fencers Club

Safety Protocols and Procedures


As we reopen, our top priority remains the safety of our members, coaches and guests. Please see below for the guidelines prepared by the Fencers Club Reopening Task Force and the FIE.

Fencers Club Reopening Guidelines

FIE Reopening Guidelines

Return to Fencing
at Fencers Club

Summer training camps back at Fencers Club! Single-weapon camps will be run weekly. Camp is limited to 10 fencers for safety.

Private lessons are available starting at 4PM each day. Please check with your coach for scheduling and availability.

The following camps are scheduled with more anticipated throughout the summer:

7/20-7/24 EPEE with Coach Alexey

7/27-7/31 FOIL with Coaches Sean, Alex and Mikhail

8/17-8/21 FOIL with Coaches Sean, Alex and Mikhail

Summer 2020 Training Camp Forms

FC Online

If you do not want to return to Fencers Club just yet, FC Online sessions are still running and coaches are still available for virtual private lessons.

FC Online remains a valuable tool for our members and fencing community as a whole to either complement or supplement their in-person training.

Please check out the updated FC Online schedule for any changes.