Fencers Club Vision 2020

Our future home is now in sharp focus.  Fencers Club just purchased a new space that is centrally located near the base of the iconic Empire State Building. Most importantly, it is the strong financial foundation which owning the property will bring to Fencers Club. Though this is only a part of the journey, we are excited for our eventual move at the end of 2020.

Every member and friend of Fencers Club is critical in making this special moment in our history as successful as it can be. Fencers Club will hold various events through 2020 to celebrate this transition and raise money so that we may continue our outstanding outreach programs serving the community and the long tradition of producing outstanding scholar athletes.


CLICK HERE or on the heart above to donate to the Mixed Team Fencing Challenge.

This is an opportunity for Fencers Club’s younger members to speak up and take ownership of their club.  Click HERE to learn more about the event and support our fencers.

The event will include:

  • Mixed Team Fencing Challenge with a matching donation of up to $30,000 from the Chairman of the Board
  • Reception catered by Eataly, donated by a generous Board Member
  • Presentations by members of the FC Community including details of the new space
  • Opportunities to contribute to Fencers Club Vision 2020

Please RSVP by December 15 by emailing info@fencersclub.org