Summer Day Camp Mission

The Summer Day Camp’s mission is to teach the students the love of learning through various academic and fencing activities.

July 9-27, 2018 | Ages 6-15

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This weekly summer program is a great chance for students to combine mornings of academic enrichment activities with afternoons of fencing practice taught by our elite athletes and Olympians. The Day Camp’s daily sessions are comprised of two parts: the morning program is designed to promote academic risk-taking and the development of creative thought processes under the supervision of experienced instructors who are actively engaged in research and teaching. Morning activities include: chess, creative writing, math games, logic puzzles, bridge construction and organic gardening. The afternoon fencing program is taught by our scholar-athletes who are highly proficient in teaching fencing to students of varied abilities and experiences.

“A Few Thoughts on Learning and Competing” by Bruce Pandolfini

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