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FC General Fund

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Since 1883, Fencers Club has been at the forefront of fencing in the United States. Your gift will help us continue to pursue excellence in fencing, character development and community initiatives that reach thousands in NYC and across the globe.

FC Vision 2020
Building Fund

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We need everyone’s support for construction costs, outfitting the space and to help with transition expenses.  Our goal is 100% participation from our members, staff and coaches. No donation is too small or large. Click HERE for a list of dedication levels for your capital gift

Miles Chamley-Watson Cup – April 28, 2019


The Chamley-Watson Cup is the first ever youth fencing competition to honor the fencing accomplishments of Miles Chamley-Watson.

Through this competition, we will show children, teens and their parents that there is a future in fencing and Miles will be able to act as their mentor.

More details coming soon.