First NAC Results are in with Medals!

North American Cup (NAC-A) Results
Y14, Cadet, Division II and Wheelchair
Milwaukee, WI – Oct. 11-14, 2013

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Cadet Women’s Foil

Iman Blow (PWF/FC) – Gold Medal
Coach Buckie Leach

Samantha Viqueira – 2nd Place
Coach Buckie Leach

Delphine DeVore – 8th Place
Coaches Simon and Irene Gershon

Y14 Women’s Epee

Kenya Plenty (PWF/FC) – 2nd Place
Coach Kornel Udvarhelyi

Y14 Men’s Foil

Zohaib Mannan – 6th Place
Coach Mikhail Petin

Y14 Women’s Foil

Polly Adler – 6th Place
Coach Ed Elterman

Cadet Men’s Sabre

Khalil Thompson (PWF/FC) – 5th Place
Coach Akhi Spencer-El

Cadet Women’s Epee

Helen Sakharova – 5th Place
Coach Boris Vaksman

Cadet Men’s Foil

Zohaib Mannan – 8th Place
Coach Mikhail Petin

Congratulations fencers!