2017-2018 Membership Rates Posted

June 23, 2017


Dear Members,


During the spring 2017 meeting, the Fencers Club Board of Directors voted to increase fees for various membership plans, effective beginning 9/1/2017. The main reason for this is due to our increasing expenses, in particular our rent, which takes up more than 60% of the club’s operating budget. Fencers Club has not raised its membership fees in approximately five years. This decision was deemed necessary to ensure the Fencers Club community remains fiscally sound and so we can continue to provide our members with the highest caliber programs and facility as a non-profit organization.


Below is a list of benefits of being a Fencers Club member (see more online HERE):


Selected member events:
  • Annual Symposium on College Fencing (including Columbia, Harvard, NYU, Princeton, University of Pennsylvania and more)
  • Annual Olympic Day Event and Fencing Clinic with Olympians
  • Annual Member and Graduation Celebration, and Viewbook (yearbook) Party
  • Participation in the NYC Veterans Day Parade
  • Friday Night Foil Clashes every Friday during season


Selected member services:
  • Discounts on lessons and classes with our world-renowned Coaches
  • Need-based and Merit Scholarships
  • Training Grants
  • Discounts on FC camps and clinics
  • Weekly on-site USA Fencing and Team USA experienced Chiropractor
  • Quarterly Sports Psychology sessions
  • Opportunity to work as a School Coach and mentor in our community
  • Support on balancing athletics and academics by appointment
  • High school and college placement counseling by appointment
  • FC Tournament Manager (to be announced next season)
  • Bring a Guest – please see our Guest Policy


For Adult (26+) Members:
  • Monthly footwork classes (forthcoming)
  • Annual weekend Adult Training Camp with competitions (scheduled for February)
  • Once per year option of hosting a private/corporate fencing event at a 50% discount


Please see the list of 2017-2018 Membership Plans HERE.

If this membership increase causes a financial hardship, please submit the

Fencers Club Scholarship Application by July 15, 2017. All net proceeds from the Pro Shop and targeted member donations come to about $30,000/year for our Scholarship Fund. This Fund is available to support our members at all levels. As a non-profit organization, we are committed to supporting everyone in our community to pursue excellence through fencing.


The Fencers Club Team