Congratulations, Fencers at Summer Nationals!

Summer Nationals and July Challenge 2016 Results
June 28th to July 8th: Dallas, TX
Top 8 Results
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Division 1A Women’s Foil

Zoe Sylvester-Chin (PWF/FC) — 3rd Place

Coach Buckie Leach


Division 1A Women’s Epee

Anne Cebula — 3rd Place

Coach Kornel Udvarhelyi


Junior Women’s Foil

Iman Blow (PWF/FC) — GOLD

Coached by Buckie Leach and Kamilla Vaksman


Junior Women’s Epee

Lake Mawu Sheffield (PWF/FC) — 8th Place

Coach Boris Vaksman


Division 1 Women’s Epee

Isis Washington (PWF/FC) — 6th Place

Coach Boris Vaksman


Division 1 Men’s Sabre

Khalil Thompson (PWF/FC) — 6th Place

Coach Akhnaten Spencer-El


Andrew Doddo (PWF/FC) — 8th Place

Coach Akhnaten Spencer-El


Cadet Women’s Foil

Polly Adler — 6th Place

Coach Ed Elterman


Youth 14 Women’s Foil

Annora Lee — 2nd Place

Coached by Buckie Leach and Kamilla Vaksman


Youth 12 Women’s Foil

Isabella Ahn — 3rd Place

Coached by Buckie Leach and Kamilla Vaksman


Division 3 Women’s Foil

Alexia Gilioli — 3rd Place

Coaches Simon and Irene Gershon

Division 2 Men’s Sabre

Firoz George — GOLD

Coach Achiko Lortkipanidze


Veterans 40 Men’s Foil

Marek Wyszynski — GOLD

Coach Mikhail Petin


Veterans 50 Men’s Foil

Roustam Pimoutkine — 5th Place


Veterans 60 Men’s Foil

Philippe Bennett — 5th Place

Coach Boris Vaksman


Veterans 60 Women’s Foil

Madelon Rosenfeld — 7th Place


Veterans 70 Men’s Epee

Arnold Messing — GOLD

Coach Boris Vaksman


Veterans 50 Men’s Epee

Roustam Pimoutkine — 5th Place


Senior Men’s Epee Team

Peter Westbrook Foundation — 4th Place

(Smith, Rodney, Cotter, McDowald)


Fencers Club — 7th Place

(Hammarberg, Dinallo, Lee, Dieck)


Senior Men’s Sabre Team

Peter Westbrook Foundation— 7th Place

(Thompson, Petway, Cottingham, Belser)