Irene Gershon

Master Coach

Phone: 917-450-2168

Irene Gershon, a former Regional and Collegiate Coach in Ukraine and assistant coach at St. John’s University, received her degree in fencing with high honors from the Kiev Institute of Physical Education. Working closely with her husband Simon, she supervises several youth developmental groups in addition to training many top men and women foilists at Fencers Club, including 2012 Olympians Miles Chamley-Watson and Nicole Ross. Miles was also the first US man to win an individual foil World Championship in 2013.

Olympic Games

1996: Peter Divine
2004: Daniel Kellner, Jed Dupree, Jonathan Tiomkin
2012: Miles Chamley-Watson, Nicole Ross

Senior World Championships

2013: Miles Chamley-Watson (GOLD medal individual, SILVER medal team)
2010: Miles Chamley-Watson (5th place)

Junior World Championships

2013: Sara Taffel (SILVER team)
2008: Nicole Ross (GOLD team)
2009: Miles Chamley-Watson (SILVER team)
2008: Miles Chamley-Watson (GOLD team)

Cadet World Championships

2012: Sara Taffel (SILVER individual)

World Cups

2010: Miles Chamley-Watson (BRONZE, St. Petersburg)
2005: Jon Tiomkin (BRONZE individual, Shanghai)
2003: Daniel Kellner (SILVER individual, Venezuela), Daniel Kellner (BRONZE individual, Paris), Jed Dupree (BRONZE individual, La Coruna)

Junior World Cups

Bagley Wright (BRONZE, Spain)

NCAA Championships

2010:  Nicole Ross (GOLD individual)
2002: Jonathan Tiomkin (SILVER individual)
2001: Jed Dupree (GOLD individual)

Pan-American Games

2013:  Miles Chamley-Watson (GOLD team, Bronze individual)
2012: Miles Chamley-Watson (GOLD team), Nicole Ross (GOLD team)
2011: Miles Chamley-Watson (GOLD team), Nicole Ross (GOLD team)
2009: Miles Chamley-Watson (GOLD team, SILVER individual), Nicole Ross  (GOLD team)
2008: Miles Chamley-Watson (GOLD team)
2003: Daniel Kellner (GOLD individual, GOLD team), Jon Tiomkin (BRONZE individual)

European Foil Cups

2012: Sara Taffel (BRONZE, Italy)
2012: James Sands (SILVER individual, Italy and BRONZE individual, Germany)
2011: Sara Taffel (GOLD individual, Germany)

National Championships

2005: Jed Dupree (GOLD individual)
2004: Dan Kellner (GOLD individual)
2003: Jon Tiomkin (GOLD individual)
2002: Jed Dupree (GOLD individual)
2000: Dan Kellner (SILVER individual)
1998: Dan Kellner (SIVER individual)
1997: Dan Kellner (SILVER individual)