Sean McClain & Alex Martin


Foil Coaches

Sean:, 646-376-8175

Alex:, 201-658-4257

Sean McClain was a member of the US National Team, an individual NCAA champion, a silver medalist at the Pan American Championships and one of only three U.S. fencers to win a National Championship title in foil and epee. He has been coaching since 2003 and has consistently produced top-level national athletes and medalists at the Junior World Championships in both Men and Women’s Foil.

Originally from Calgary, Alberta, Alex Martin was a competitive national athlete before deciding to become a coach. While in Canada, Alex helped to produce several of Canada’s top athletes before moving to the US to pursue his coaching development. Working with Buckie Leach, Gary Copeland, Jed Dupree and Sean McClain, Alex developed a coaching style that has quickly led his students to success both nationally and internationally.

Since 2013, Sean and Alex have worked together running Empire United’s decorated foil program. Sean and Alex pride themselves on running a program that instills a strong work ethic and sense of self-sufficiency in its students that allows them to maximize their individual potential. Sean and Alex are very excited to join the Fencers Club team and help share their passion with a new group of athletes.

2016-2017 National/International medals:

2016 Junior Olympics: Nolen Scruggs gold Junior MF, Lauren Scruggs gold Cadet WF, Junior WF team gold

2016 Cadet Pan Am Championships: Sebastian Tirado bronze Cadet MF

2016 Division 1 Nationals: Nicole Vaiani bronze Div 1 WF

2016 Pan Am Championships: Kelleigh Ryan bronze WF

2016 July Challenge: Kelleigh Ryan gold Div 1 WF, Adam Mathieu silver Div 1 MF, Grace Ding silver Junior WF, Nicole Vaiani 8th Junior WF, Nolen Scruggs 7th Junior MF, Lauren Scruggs silver Cadet WF, Andrew Zheng bronze Cadet MF, Sebastian Tirado 8th Cadet MF, Andrew Zheng bronze Y14 MF, Lauren Kim 8th Y12WF, Christopher Kiel 8th Div 2 MF, Haylen Rosberger silver Div 3 WF, WF Team silver.

2016 Detroit NAC: Lauren Scruggs gold Cadet WF, Kelleigh Ryan bronze Div 1 WF, Lauren Kim silver Div 2 WF, Joon Paik silver Cadet MF

2016 November NAC: Earnest Chen gold Junior MF, Lauren Scruggs gold Cadet and Junior WF, Joon Paik 5th Cadet MF, Sebastian Tirado 8th JMF, Andrew Ding 7th Y14MF

2016 Cadet European Circuit Cabries: Andrew Zheng bronze MF

2016 December NAC: Kelleigh Ryan 5th Div 1 WF, Adam Mathieu 6th Div 1 MF

2017 January NAC: Kelleigh Ryan 3rd Div 1 WF, Lauren Scruggs 3rd Junior WF, WF Team gold

2017 Cadet European Circuit Pisa: Joon Paik bronze MF, Lauren Scruggs silver WF