Summer Training Camps

August 9 – September 3, 2021, Weekly

Join Fencers Club’s Olympic and National-level coaching staff and our world-class athletes for weekly training camps at Fencers Club! Fencers will engage in drills, tactical exercises, training and conditioning sessions, and supervised bouting. Olympians and US National Team members will attend as well.


Registration is available on AskFRED

August 9 – August 13 – Youth Epee

August 16 – August 20 – Foil

August 23 – August 27 – Epee

August 30 – September 3 – Sabre


Fencers Club’s Goals:

  1. To promote excellence in fencing through  training sessions led by Olympic and world-class coaches
  2. Using the highest quality facilities to promote Fencers Club’s training program, especially to those fencers coming from across the country and abroad
  3. To promote a convivial atmosphere of sharing and to have a wonderful summer experience for campers, coaches and staff