FC Athletes Medal at April NAC

April NAC and Division I Championships
April 11-14, 2014 – Minneapolis, MN
Top 8 Results – See full results HERE
Congratulations Fencers!

Division I Men’s Epee

Yeisser Ramirez (PWF/FC) – Gold Medal

Coach Kornel Udvarhelyi


Alen Hadzic (NYAC/FC) – 3rd Place (T)

Coach Alexey Cheremsky


Division I Women’s Foil

Sara Taffel – 2nd Place

Coaches Simon and Irene Gershon


Division II Men’s Epee

Jax Miranda – 3rd Place (T)

Coach Kornel Udvarhelyi


Division II Women’s Epee

Ceara Sweeney – 5th Place

Coach- Kornel Udvarhelyi


Senior Team Women’s Epee – 3rd Place

Saanchi Kukadia, Natalie Vie and Lauren Willock

Veteran Women’s Foil

Margaret Fagan – Gold Medal

Coach Mikhail Petin


Veteran 40 Women’s Foil

Margaret Fagan – 5th Place

Coach Mikhail Petin


Veteran 60 Women’s Foil

Joanne Stevens – 6th Place

Coaches Irene and Simon Gershon


Veteran 70+ Women’s Foil

Diane Reckling – 3rd Place (T)


Veteran 70+ Women’s Epee

Diane Reckling – 5th Place


Veteran 50 Men’s Foil

Robert Pavlovich – 5th Place

Coach Simon Gershon


Veteran 60 Men’s Foil

Philippe Bennett – 3rd Place (T)


Veteran 70+ Men’s Foil

Marcel Miernik – 7th Place


Veteran 70+ Men’s Epee

Marcel Miernik – Gold Medal

Coach Alexey Cheremsky