Fencers Club 2023 Giving Campaign

For 140 years Fencers Club has been striving to bring out the unique talents of each of our athletes, and to make fencing a joyful and empowering experience.

Generations of members and coaches have been committed, determined and have supported the Fencers Club in becoming one of the outstanding fencing clubs in the world. We have had at least one member representing the U.S. in each Olympiad since 1904.

The success of Fencers Club relies not only on the talent of our athletes and coaches, but also very much on the generosity of our members and the fencing community.

Membership dues and coaches fees alone do not cover all our expenses; to meet our operating budget each year we need support.

Participation in annual giving is critical to the success of the Fencers Club.

Donations will help support our critical programs and enable the Fencers Club to operate at the level we all expect and strive for.

Among the Fencers Club programs to support its mission are:

  • Schools Partnership Program, which provides fencing instruction in New York City Schools;
  • Veterans on Guard Military Fencing program which provides free instruction and equipment to U.S. military veterans and active duty personnel;
  • Scholarship Fund, which provides needs-based and merit-based scholarships to members;
  • Travel Reimbursement Fund for coaches and members to reimburse travel and hotel costs for USA Fencing national competitions and FIE competitions;
  • Support for the Peter Westbrook Foundation’s Saturday Fencing Program and Competitive Athlete Program.
  • Very simply put, the Covid pandemic had a substantial negative impact on the Fencers Club’s finances. While membership and fencing revenues have rebounded, donations have not.

We urgently need your donations to recover from covid and continue to provide the services our members rely on.

Our goal by year end 2023 is to raise $300,000.

We are asking all our members and the fencing community to help us.

If what you or your children have accomplished at Fencers Club makes you proud or gives you joy, please give. If Fencers Club is your community, please give. If you cannot imagine New York City without the Fencers Club, please give. We cannot accomplish our mission without your support. No gift is too large, no gift is too small. If you are unable to give money but want to volunteer your time, please contact me to learn about the many opportunities to do so. 

Thank you for all you do to make the Fencers Club the special community it is.

I look forward to seeing you at the club.


David Niu

Executive Director

Fencers Club, Inc.