From Rugby to Fencing! Our Executive Director David Niu keeps the FC Running

David is in Las Vegas this weekend and is being honored for his services to developing Rugby League in America.

Love Rugby League reports: “Widely acknowledged as the godfather of rugby league in the United States of America, Australian-born Niu began life as a rugby union player before switching to league in the late-1980s.He has been involved in a number of milestone moments for rugby league in the US, helping develop their national side as well as being one of the key players behind the Super League American concept which launched in the 1990s. Niu has coached the national team on three separate occasions, and has been behind a number of concepts to try and establish a foothold for the sport in the States.”

Forbes reports: “On March 2nd, 2024 Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas will play home to a season opening double-header of bone-crunching rugby league action. National Rugby League (NRL) – one of Australia’s most popular and lucrative sports leagues – has signed a five-year deal to play ten matches at the home of the Las Vegas Raiders. The games will be the first ever NRL matches played on U.S. soil, and they will be broadcast live on Fox Sports 1, allowing potential fans around the country and the Caribbean to catch their first glimpses of the fast-paced sport.”